1980 Weapon Mount

Nato Approved

1980 Weapon Mount PF 7057

The 1980 Weapon Mount is capable of carrying out various tests of small arms and ammunition and weapons when mounted on a suitable base. The objects of these tests is to ensure consistent proof results are obtained regardless of where and who carries out the proof.

The 1980 Weapon Mount is complete within itself and requires only a suitable rigid mounting and any such adaptors or fixtures as needed to secure the weapon system under proof. The aparatus serves to hold the weapon in simulated service condition while the ammunition / weapon proof is carried out.

The barrel section of the weapon is held in the front support by a clamp, while the butt is retained in moulded pad attached to the rear support. When the weapon is fired the recoil is absorbed by the pneumatic system, and returned to it's original position by the internal spring, air pressure and hydraulic pressure.

Description of the proof equipment

The apparatus consistes of the following assemblies :- Front Support, Rear Support, Guide Assembly, Clamp Assembly, Slide Assembly, Air Supply System, Frame, Vee Rest and Base plate.

Front Support

This is mounted on the base plate and carries the elevating ring, locking ring and a cup carrier. A pillar is keyed to the central shaft and carries the guides for the vee rest. The vee rest has a clamp which secures the barrel of the weapon used for the proof.

Rear Support

This is also mounted to the base plate and carries the clamp assembly, housing shock absorber and the hydraulic / air systems. There is an option for the body of this item to be manufactured from aluminium or steel, but this is dependent on the operators preference.

The base plate is made of solid 1" steel stock and has a series of slots and tee slots machined into the top face to enable accurate alignment and positioning of both the front and rear supports.

  • RIFLE, 7.62mm, X51, G3A2
  • RIFLE, (LAR) 7.62mm FN
  • MACHINE GUN, 7.62mm, M60
  • MACHINE GUN, 7.62mm, NFI
  • MACHINE GUN, 7.62mm, L7A2
  • RIFLE, 5.56mm, M16 A2
  • RIFLE, 5.56mm, L85A1
  • RIFLE, F1, MAS, 5.56, FAMAS
  • LMG, 5.56mm, FN MINIMI
  • RIFLE, 5.56mm, FNC
  • SMG, 9mm, C1
  • SMG, 9mm, MOD, 1949
  • RIFLE, AUTO, 9mm, MOD4
  • GUN, SMG, 9mm, MOD PM12/5

The Picture below show's the 1980 Weapon Mount PF 7057 on a Witworth Rest